Risk Control for Projects


Every business is required to manage and control risks. Risk control starts with the business organization. Risk is also a part of every portfolio, program and project. Project risk is a small part of the overall challenge of managing business risks. This is why business risk must be addressed for the organization before risk can be addressed for portfolios, programs and projects. Controlling risk is a critical skill for every project manager.

Risk Control for Projects is a course that will describe the essentials of controlling risk for organizations as well as for portfolios, programs and projects. This course will review the information presented in the PMBOK Guide by providing an overview of the function that risk control provides for business organizations and for project work. This course will focus on both financial and human-related risks due to their high financial costs and the need to control these costs during a project. This course will also describe the importance of crisis management to address situations where monitoring risks requires fast solutions. Finally, this course will describe the importance of monitoring risk control programs.

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