New Leadership Approaches for Evolving Organizations – Video Course

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It is a well-known fact that markets change, which requires business organizations to change. What is often forgotten is that society and people are changing as well. This means our leadership approaches for managing project teams and the people that make up the project teams must change and evolve.

Leadership approaches need to change to meet the evolving needs and challenges of an organization and its people. Different situations and contexts require different leadership styles and strategies to be effective. What worked well in the past may not necessarily work well in the present or future. The most common driver for changing our leadership approaches include the following: Changing business environment, changing employee demographics, changing employee values, changing leadership styles and changing organizational goals.

Therefore, all of these factors are requiring the business leader to evolve or change their leadership approach. It is necessary to keep up with the evolving needs of the organization and its people. Effective leaders must be flexible, adaptable, and willing to learn and improve.

This course has been registered with the Project Management Institute (PMI) and provides 2 Power Skills PDUs.